Empowering Law Enforcement with AI: Unleashing Insights for Safer Communities

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Nirnaya - The Ultimate AI Ally for Fast Investigations and Counterintelligence!

Use this AI-based Data Analytics Advanced Platforms to Improve Forensic Investigations, Counter Intelligence, and Anti-terrorism Efforts. 

Nirnaya AI - Your Tactical Advantage for Swift Investigations and Unmatched Counterintelligence

Nirnaya is a unique AI-based data analytics platform that will help law enforcement and police departments expedite their investigation processes, offer complete reports for counterintelligence, and identify suspects utilizing biometrics (fingerprint, iris, and palm), face recognition, and biometrics. The only platform created with the assistance of law enforcement officials is Nirnaya. It will easily connect with all police workflows and processes, making it the most user-friendly option for law enforcement personnel.

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01 Nirnaya enables law enforcement agencies to expedite their investigations through efficient data analysis and evidence collection.
02 The platform generates insightful reports that aid in counterintelligence operations, helping agencies stay ahead of criminal activities and threats.
03 Nirnaya offers advanced biometric capabilities, including fingerprint, iris, palm, and face recognition, ensuring accurate suspect identification and verification.
04 Nirnaya, designed with police input, features a user-friendly interface that seamlessly merges with law enforcement workflows and procedures.
05 Nirnaya employs AI and data analytics, enabling swift, efficient analysis of extensive data, and yielding crucial law enforcement insights.
06 Nirnaya's features assist in crime prevention and reduction, spotting patterns, threats, and suspects, enabling proactive law enforcement actions.

Product Features

Telecom Data Analysis Nirnaya employs 40+ features to analyze CDR and IPDR data, aiding law enforcement in precise crime scene identification. Its telecom data analysis empowers agencies to extract valuable insights from telecommunications records.
Multimodal Biometric System Nirnaya's multimodal biometric system enables users to scan and examine fingerprints, iris patterns, and palm prints using a single device connected to a laptop, facilitating swift suspect identification and recognition.
Perimeter Security Nirnaya integrates intrusion detection, bolstering perimeter security within law enforcement operations. Seamlessly fitting into existing workflows, it offers a comprehensive solution, addressing both investigative and preventive aspects effectively.

Nirnaya serves as a unified analytical platform for Kerala Police, encompassing crime investigation, predictive policing, and counterintelligence. Implementing Nirnaya has led to the investigative authorities' efficient resolution of numerous critical cases.

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Enhancing Community Safety Through AI: Empowering Law Enforcement to Uncover Valuable Insights.

Presenting a Data Analytics Platform Powered by AI Tailored for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies, with a Specific Focus on Enhancing Forensic Investigations, Counterintelligence, and Anti-Terrorism Initiatives.

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